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Vivadogs - MEXICAN



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Vivadogs - MEXICAN

Vivadogs has travelled to Mexico! In your Mexican box you will find the “ranchera” guitar, a cactus from Baja California, nachos, wet food and sweet potato snacks. Don’t miss it out!



“Ranchera” guitar

Vivadogs has designed a Mexican guitar with a double textured fabric and ultra-resistant stitching, perfect for strengthening the jaw and cleaning teeth. It makes a sound thanks to its central squeak.

Vivadogs - “Ranchera” guitar
Vivadogs - Cactus from Baja California


Cactus from Baja California

Our Cactus is perfect for strengthening your dog’s jaw. The inside crackling paper and whistle make it irresistible. The soft and squidgy texture make it a perfect companion whilst curling up and relaxing.


Mexican nachos

We bring you the flavours of Mexico with authentic natural Mexican nachos! Handmade using corn flour, 0% GMO, 0% preservatives, 0% colouring agents and highly digestible.

Vivadogs - Mexican nachos
Vivadogs - Sweet potato snacks


Sweet potato snacks

100% vegan yam snacks! Without an ounce of meat. They are high in energy, vitamins, fibre and potassium. They are light, easily digestible, reduce cholesterol and act as antioxidants.


Chicken and brown rice wet food

Wet food high in protein made from chicken and brown rice - perfect combo for a burrito! It is highly digestible and hydrating (80% moisture), contains vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium.

Vivadogs - Chicken and brown rice wet food

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