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Vivadogs - XMAS



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Vivadogs - XMAS

¡Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas from Vivadogs! In your Xmas Box you will find: the Vivadogs Xmas elf, the Vivadogs Xmas duck wings made with 100% duck, a little ginger cookie, turkey and blueberry snacks made by Denzel’s & Vivadogsand a treat-filled tree. Don’t miss it!



Xmas Elf

¡Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is here. We have been working along with Santa Claus himself to design the best toy. We hope we did it! It is perfect for biting, snuggling up, throwing it around and pulling its long limbs. It also makes a little noise inside. The best toy for this Christmas!

Vivadogs - Xmas Elf
Vivadogs - Xmas Duck Wings


Xmas Duck Wings

At Vivadogs we bring you this delicious Christmas food. They are 100% dehydrated duck wings with a high protein content, gluten free, 100% natural, with no additives or flavoring or artificial coloring. Their properties help towards good health maintenance. Will your dog be able to resist such as succulent delicacy?


Ginger Cookie

It was about time: this Christmas, our dogs can now also enjoy a delicious ginger cookie. Made with 100% natural ingredients such as lactose-free yoghourt, carrots, corn flour, cinnamon, ginger and extra virgin olive oil. A small Christmas treat.

Vivadogs - Ginger Cookie
Vivadogs - Stuffed turkey & blueberry snacks


Stuffed turkey & blueberry snacks

Snacks with the most Christmas spirit. Real stuffed turkey and blueberry taste and natural ingredients. They do not contain sugar, cereals, artificial additives or coloring; high fiber and protein content. They also help prevent cholesterol.


Wet food: lamb/chicken, rice and carrots

Presenting this delicious 100% natural wet food with vitamins and minerals. It contains chicken or lamb, rice and carrot and is prepared with fresh ingredients, slow-cooked in a traditional recipe for a balanced diet. Its high protein content will make your dog’s vitality shine

Vivadogs - Wet food: lamb/chicken, rice and carrots

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