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Vivadogs - AMERICAN

JUNE 2019


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In the American Box you will find: a KONG Weave Knots (bear or elk), a Pretzel Human Grade, New York hotdogs (87% meat), a rawhide snack and light peanut butter snacks. Don´t miss it out!



KONG Knots

Authentic bear and elk stuffed toys form North America by Kong that squeak, clean teeth and gums with each bite. Their cotton rope belly is specially resistant.

Vivadogs - KONG Knots
Vivadogs - Pig’s ear


Pig’s ear

The pig ear snacks are 100% fresh, healthy, easy to digest and low in fat. Furthermore, these are chew toys that will massage, strengthen and clean your dog´s teeth and gums.


New York Pretzel

We bring you the authentic Craft Pretzels Human Grade inspired by New York. Its ingredients are: carrot, natural yogurt, pasteurised egg yolk, chia, burdock root and dandelion.

Vivadogs - New York Pretzel
Vivadogs - New York Hot Dogs


New York Hot Dogs

Does it smell like hot dogs? We have traveled to New York to bring you their authentic hot dogs. Gluten-free, with 87% fresh meat, low in fat (4.5%) and highly digestible protein (18%).


Peanut butter snacks

American peanut butter? Yes, believe it or not! Without sugar, without artificial preservatives, with 100% natural ingredients (peanut, walnut, olive oil). They help prevent cholesterol.

Vivadogs - Peanut butter snacks

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