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Nutritional information

Here's a list with all you need to know about what goes into your dog's meals.

Gluten free
Without GMO
Highly digestive
Omega 3 Y 6

The meals

Wet food recipes

Our Chicken & Duck recipe

Without artifical colorants, without articial preservatives, without artificial flavors, with added minerals and vitamins, formulated without GMO’s, soy free, sugar free, high-quality digestible protein, with salmon oil for a healthy and shinny coat

Our ingredients

Chicken (40%), duck (30%), dehydrated vegetables (carrot, broccoli, potatoes, leek), salmon oil

Analytical constituents

Chicken (40%), duck (30%), dehydrated vegetables: carrot, broccoli, potatoes, leek, salmon oil

Additives list

Vitaminas, provitaminas y sustancias químicamente definidas de efecto análogo:

Vitamina A (3a672a): 1250 mg/Kg
Vitamina D3 (3a671): 100 IU/Kg
Vitamina E (3a700): 15 mg/Kg