Why subscribe to Vivadogs?

We tell you why you have to be part of the Vivadogs family

1. Because you will receive a different themed box every month

Our i + Dogs department works constantly to produce the best themed boxes for dogs on the market. In addition, our customers are part of each box because we listen and take your suggestions into account.

2. Because we make our own products

Vivadogs is our guarantee, we have been doing what we do for years and the knowledge and experience acquired has led us to manufacture our own product with the Vivadogs brand of a higher quality. With our subscription forget about receiving sample products, it is 100% quality product.

3. Because our toys are of great quality

Yes, it is wrong for us to say it but it is true. Our Vivadogs toys are custom made from our experience in recent years so they are more durable, of better quality and much cooler than those of other brands.

4. Because our snacks are 100% natural

We know how important the health of your dog is, it is one of the family. For this reason, the Vivadogs snacks in our boxes are 100% natural: without preservatives, grain-free, and with 92% fresh meat or fish.

5. Because you want to help those who need it most

With your subscription to Vivadogs we allocate a part to help different protectors with whom we collaborate throughout the year. Not all dogs are lucky enough to have an owner and a home like the one your dog has.

6. Because we care what our customers think

We love keeping you in mind and making you feel like a part of Vivadogs. We launch surveys to be in constant learning of what you demand the most and to be able to improve the Vivadogs experience to what customers really deserve and of course, your dogs.

7. Because we care about your dog as if it were ours

Vivadogs customers can fully customize the experience. There is no dog the same as another and therefore you can choose allergies, extra toys, extra snacks and many other aspects that will make the box you receive 100% adapted to what your dog really deserves.

And for all this

you will be part of a great family.

At Vivadogs we want the time you spend with your dog to mean something more. We send you the most fascinating themed boxes that we are capable of creating. And that's why we improve every day so that you can have the best product on the market at home.